Abbie's Story

So how on earth does a songwriter, musician, slash,  clinical hypnotherapist wind up creating a cleaning product in Byron Bay, Australia, I hear you ask?  My accidental side career was the best thing that could have happened to me. I just didn't know it at the time. 

In a nutshell, Abbie’s Alchemy was born from necessity and a desire to feel good! After a sea-change to Byron Bay paradise, the reality of paying the bills saw me temporarily stepping away from my lifelong passion as a singer-songwriter to work as a cleaner. 

 Yup, it was tough work and a grand departure from the life I had known. Within a month the toxic chemical build-up from the cocktail of commercial cleaning products induced skin rashes, sore eyes and difficulty breathing (not to mention the wasteful packaging that broke my heart even further).

Obviously, I did what I have always done and began 'McGyvering' a solution. Instead of writing a song or booking a tour I simply poured my energy into researching and experimenting on how to create my own natural cleaning products. Before long I was neck-deep in essential oils, science experiments and a waiting list of clients eager for a greener option. 

I fell in love with my new creative expression and Alchemical magic had begun! 

My intention is simple. Zero-waste, earth-friendly natural products that look and feel so good you actually look forward to your cleaning 'ritual'

So, Seriously, If I can take the bore out of a chore like cleaning for myself who am I not to share this? 

Welcome to my alchemy,
Love Abbie x


  • Hi Abbie, I lost my phone and all contacts. Can you please text me fliers number again and name of business. Was supposed to see her today

    Hi Abbie, Rose from divinesmudgesticks
  • Hi Abbie I’m Melissa’s Mum ….your next door neighbour … it is MJ’s birthday tomorrow and we were suppose to be there so I trying to send her some love from Sydney …. Could you phone me on 0413303204 so I can buy some of your bath salts for her … and I’m trying to get sunflowers so you might know where I could purchase them … thanks in anticipation … Best Sue

    Sue Bolling
  • hey met you at flea market last… got home and sprayed the loveshine.. because of my connection to energy (tai chi,meditation etc.) i could feel the energy and the love you described ..i was excited…then the german spray nozzle kicked in…wow i went back to childhood days when the water pistol reigned supreme in the neighborhood spraywars…from one room to another i was on a spray mission to wipe out any enemy bacteria that had infiltrated my sacred hOMe ….thanks.. oh a friend has a cleaning business , spoke to her she wanted your contact..but i was out and about….what shall i give her..i am not a follower uss@abbiealchemy, more of a single solitude guy , not to follow…. i" am a fella………i have joined you email… richAHd….*

    richard rowland
  • Hi Abbie, Amanda recently gifted me your beautiful cleaning products. I have heard of your journey getting this to market and I’d just like to say well done. I only use natural products and I love your motivation and style in wrapping this up so well. I will be ordering my refill very soon!


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