Mould Issues?

• How to clean mould naturally

• Better manage mould during El Niña

• PLUS What NEVER, EVER to do!

 dealing With Mould Naturally

It's behind your pictures, spreading across your leather and suede, the walls and windows!? ...and. it. just. keeps. raining. 

I’m no microbiologist but I have gained a wealth of experience over the years with my cleaning business and dealing directly with mouldy and flooded homes in the tropical Northern Rivers.

Mould is a rabbit hole of a conversation and for a certain amount of the population, mould allergies are crippling. 

This infographic-blog features my favourite tips & tricks on dealing with common household mould naturally and safely. 

Please Note: If you find large masses of mould it may point to more serious hazardous problems. I suggest your top priority in that case is to call a building professional to assess the situation immediately. No amount of clove oil and air flow will fix a leaking roof!


If you seek professional medical advice please look up Dr Sandeep Gupta. This video "Preventing Mould After Floods and Extreme Weather With Dr. Sandeep Gupta and Nicole Bijlsma" contains a wealth of reliable info.


Yes of course, you can use your own white vinegar but I created Grandmas Vinegar Mould Spray to make the process faster, easier and more enjoyable! 

Our Canyon Triggers are designed for pure essential oils and chemicals. Unlike most triggers ours will last a lifetime while others die within a month or two of being exposed to vinegar. The combination of Clove, Eucalyptus, Lemon myrtle and natural solubilizer makes this formula a natural born killer with a scent to lift your spirit at the same time. It's a Win-Win!

Thanks Grandma!


Love Abbie



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