LoveShine (Bottled)

LoveShine (Bottled)

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Loveshine (Ready-Bottled) is ready to spread the love!

This is where science and spirituality meet baby! Loveshine is a visual and sensory delight emitting the energy of love whilst working hard to love-up your space, kill bacteria, make things shine and your vibes sparkle.


Your Loveshine Box includes:

  • 1 X  'Forever bottle' filled with 500ml of Loveshine
  • 3 X Rose Quartz Crystals
  • 1 X Canyon trigger spray
  • 1  X Loveshine Guide

Suitable for cleaning glass, mirror, chrome, stainless steel, vinyl, plastic, sealed wood and even your yoga mat!


Lovingly handmade in slow batches in Byron Bay by Abbie.



(If a little bit of ceremony sounds like your kind of fun please order one of our limited edition Loveshine Starter Kits to savor the experience of building your very own Loveshine bottle) 



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